Sheriff's Sales

Please read this thoroughly for properties scheduled for Sheriff Sale (Pre-Sheriff Sale):
If you are interested in bidding on a property that is scheduled for Sheriff’s Sale, please be advised of the following:

All sheriff’s sale are on an “as-is” basis, the lender makes no representations or warranties about the property in terms or title insurability or the physical condition of the property or in any other way. No employee of KRF is permitted to provide information to interested parties nor may their statements bind KRF or its clients.

Our client cannot provide access to the property or sell the property to you prior to the Sheriff’s sale as it does not own the property, even if the property is vacant or abandoned. We are the attorney representing the plaintiff, we are not the trustee (as is noted on some web searches), we do not conduct the sale, unless otherwise ordered by the Court the Sheriff conducts the sale.

We cannot and do not represent your interests nor can we give you legal advice. Contact your own attorney for advice. Our office represents the plaintiff and we are prohibited by the Rules of Professional Conduct from providing legal advice to parties that we do not represent or whose interests may conflict with those of our clients.

We will not give bids –or any other information regarding the property over the phone, email or facsimile to any third party.

We cannot provide the results of a title search or any information about the size, location or condition of the property. Please contact your own attorney and/or title agency. If you need assistance locating an attorney, you may contact your county bar association for recommendations for a real estate attorney who you can retain to provide legal advice.

The Sheriff sets the conditions of bidding. You should carefully review the sheriff's terms of sale. If you have any questions about the bidding conditions please contact the Sheriff or you may retain an attorney to provide legal advice.

If you see the property on, or similar website, you should contact those parties about their sale; we do not represent those companies.

The current owner may be willing to sell the property to you directly, however, our office cannot provide contact information or any other information to you. You should consult a real estate advisor or attorney for further guidance.

Post Sheriff Sale:

When the lender is the winning bidder, the lender may retain a realtor to represent the lender in the re-sale of the property. We do not control or influence the lender in this process at all – contact the assigned realtor who will likely advertise and place a sign on the property shortly after the sheriff’s sale – this may happen 15-90 days.

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